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Current Projects

Writers Beyond Borders takes interest in all projects proposed by its members.
Before submitting an idea for a project, please take a moment to click here and review our project guidelines.

Classical Literature of the World

Description: World literature is not well known in Canada and people have no idea how rich and valuable it is. WBB members come from different cultural backgrounds and as participants of this project, they would talk about the literature of their homeland in short presentations (15-20 minutes). For details, please contact Nataliya.

Initiator: Nataliya Bukhanova -

Poetry Reading Group

Description: Organizing poetry readings with WBB poets in small venues such as cafes, bars, houses etc. In some cases a small value can be charged to raise funds for WBB and pay any costs involved. Please, let us know if you are interested in participating in these events.
Initiator: Mario Flecha -

Multilingual page in magazine Art Trends

Description: Project consists of creating a space for members to publish their work in the magazine. Selection of texts to be made by external jury.
Initiator: Pardee Bayal -


Description: Updating members of WBB news, and providing a forum to membership to share information and to network.
Initiator: Monika Igali –


Description: Creating and updating pages for the Writers Beyond Borders website.
Initiator: Marco Katz -