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Project Guidelines

The most successful projects involve planning and getting other members interested. Here are some of the ways that process takes place:

1. It starts with a member coming up with the idea.
2. He/she writes up a description of the project; just a paragraph of the basic idea.
3. He/she decides how many people will be needed to execute the idea. Maybe just one or maybe 3 or 4 or even more.
4. Then he/she sends the project idea to the WBB email.
5. With this information, WBB can post it on the organization's blog and website and email it to the members, indicating that whoever is interested should contact the project initiator directly.
6. And from that time, the project initiator is in charge.

Some general rules:
a. Each project is self-sufficient, meaning that the members who join do all the work. WBB only provides the initial contact.
b. WBB doesn't have the money or the resources to finance any of the projects. (We are working on developing some promotional material for WBB though.) The basic idea is that each member should participate with his or her expertise.
c. For example, the Creative Writing workshop instructor is paid by the participants of the workshop. WBB does NOT subsidize it. The instructor graciously agreed to teach it and organize it. The Poetry Reading group is self-sufficient, too. They even donated some money from their proceeds to WBB to contribute to the creation of promotional materials for the whole organization.