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Electronic Bulletin for Multilingual/Immigrant Writers
April 22, 2009, number 9

"Poetry arrived to look for me
I don't know where it came from
from winter or river
I don't know how or when"

Pablo Neruda

Our new organization for multilingual and immigrant writers is off to a good start with six projects going strong. The active projects are the By-law, Get Publishing, Multilingual page in Alternative Trends magazine, Newsletter, Website and Writing Group projects. If you are interested in joining any of these projects or one of the presently inactive ones, you can check them all out on our website: We'll keep you up to date on the progress we are making via this newsletter and the website.

Writers Beyond Borders Reports

The Permanent Steering Committee is going to have its first meeting on April 26th. You can find the minutes of the March 14th, 2009 General Membership Meeting on our website @

Alternative Trends magazine is Edmonton's lifestyle magazine with a special interest in the arts finds emerging artists. Profiling the unknowns that should be known. Alternative Trends recognizes the many talented individuals in our city and wants to help all members of Writers Beyond Borders and as a result has donated one page to profiling WBB. The spring issue of Alternative Trends has a beautiful photo essay coupled with the story that brought multilingual writers together. Also, available online at

To find out how you can have your words profiled in the summer issue please send an email to

The Writers Beyond Borders website is up and running. Send us information that you want to be on your profile, such as a brief biography and a picture. Also, if you have a personal website or blog please send us the link. Please contact Argelia Gonzalez at

The second meeting of the Writing Groups project was on March 26th at the NorQuest College (thanks Eugene for the classroom). The objective was to provide a brief introduction on the free blog tool,, and the blog that's hosting the Writing Group #1 project, Attended the meeting: Eugene Ip, Therezinha Kennedy, Francien Verhoeven, Nhan Lu, and Mario Flecha. The project also has one more new interested participant - Naz Uppal, who's planning to attend. The next meeting will be on May 12th. The group is working around the theme "DISTANCE" and it's been an exciting beginning. The other active members of the group are: Jalal Barzanji, and Julio Munhoz. Interested? Contact the project initiator for details -

News from the Multilingual Front
Have you just published an article or won a prize? Are you launching a book? Are you giving a talk or a course somewhere? If you have any arts-related news of your own that you'd like to share with the group, send a short note to be published in our bulletin. Let's spread the good news!

Spring is blossoming everywhere sprinkling poetry seeds in our multilingual garden. On April 2nd at ARTery, the Frontenac House proudly presented "Quartet 2009" four poets, four poetry books:
details from the edge of the village by Pierrette Requier. She speaks from the space where English and French talk with each other, bringing strong family boundaries.
Fifth World Drum by Anne Marie Swell. She whispers and sings words as she moves across border lines enchanting the audience with all of nature's magical sounds and words.
Things that Matter Now by Robert Stallworthy. His poetic words freely fly in the direction of deep questions about death, love and time.
Untitled Child by Nancy Jo Cullen explores the nature of addiction, mental illness, impermanence and loss.

Five poets bring poetry based on themes of natural family, biographical family, body and political history in the book "History Speaks Through Poets". They are Rusti Lehay, Julie Robinson, Myrna Garanis, Anna Mioduchowska and Nancy MacKenzie. The book launch was on April 18 at 3:00pm at Stony Plain Public Library. The event was sponsored by Canada Council for the Arts and The League of Canadian Poets.

City buses are currently showing poems written by multilingual poets living in Edmonton. At the moment, Therezinha Franca Kennedy from Brazil has her poem "The Story That Brought Me Here" displayed. This project is sponsored by The Edmonton Arts Council.

Contests & Publications

Deadlines: May 31st (fiction) and June 30th (poetry)
Entry fee: $25 (includes a one-year subscription of the magazine)
Publication and a total of $2,400 in prizes will be awarded to the winners of the 9th Annual Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest and the 5th Annual Sheldon Currie Fiction Prize. More information at

Deadline: June 12
The Dave Greber Freelance Writers Award was established in 2001 as a tribute to Dave Greber, a freelance writer, storyteller and musician. The award recognizes exceptionally well-written and researched work by a freelance writer by providing financial support while s/he completes a book-length project (non-fiction). For more information visit (WGA)

Deadline: June 30th
Entry fee: $30 (includes a one-year subscription of the magazine)
Alberta Views hosts the only short story competition specifically for Albertans. The winner will be published in the magazine and receive a prize of $1,000. Stories should be no more than 3,000 words and must be previously unpublished. More details at

James Lorimer & Company is currently seeking manuscripts for three series aimed at kids - from 6 years old to teens. Only Canadian writers would be considered for submission. For more information, go to then click on "submission guidelines".

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 02nd, 2:15 - 5:15
Writing Across Borders - a Get Publishing event will have a panel on Multilingual Markets on publishing in other languages on May 2nd. The participants on this panel will be: Rita Espeschit, Writer in Exile; Julio Munhoz, Chronopia (Brazil-Canada); Marilyn Dumont, Cree/Metis poet; Argelia Gonzalez, Editor, La Guaga; and Sorin Mihailovici, Omni TV. For more information and registration about Writing Across Borders, go to

WRITING WORKSHOP - Writing Great Dialogue for Page and Stage
June 15-18, 6:30 PM - 9 PM @ Stanley Milner Branch of Edmonton Public Library
A writing workshop with the Edmonton Public Library's 2009 Writer in Residence, Conni Massing. Effective dialogue is the basis of dramatic writing and the essential spice of fiction. Learn how to give authentic voice to the characters in your play, screenplay or novel. The course will explore the basics of character creation as well as exercises for developing dialogue in the context of both prose and dramatic scene work. Suitable for writers of all experience levels. This workshop is free but space is limited. Maximum 12 participants. Please call Anna-Marie at 496-7032 to register.


Save Canada's Public Broadcasting - The Canadian government has refused to provide loans to the CBC to cover its budget shortfall this year. This is forcing the CBC and Radio Canada to drastically cut over 800 jobs as well as programming. Sign the online petition asking the federal government to grant the CBC's request for a bridge loan, and help to save the CBC!

Unemployment & Underemployment within Ethno-cultural Communities
The Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative would like to ask you for your help/participation in their research project: "Unemployment & Underemployment within Ethno-cultural Communities in Edmonton: An Environmental Scan dBase." The purpose of the project is to explore, define and document the issue of unemployment and underemployment within ethno-cultural communities in Edmonton. If you are a professionally trained immigrant, unemployed, underemployed, not working in your field of experience, fluent in English, legally entitled to work in Canada and living in Edmonton, please fill out an online survey @ With your help, they will be able to share with government, policy-makers and employers the suggestions you make for program and policy development that will help break down the barriers and help bring people into rewarding careers.

Important notes:
1. EAC indicates information from Edmonton Arts Council's weekly electronic notices. To join EAC, check their website at
2. WGA indicates information from the online bulletin of the Writers Guild of Alberta. To join the WGA, visit