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Reinekke Lengelle

I'm a Canadian writer with a Dutch heritage; I was born in Nijmegen and came to Canada at age five. I continue to work and teach in the Netherlands as well as here and write in both languages. I have translated my own poetry, though most of my translation work -- for myself and others -- is in academia. I recently completed the writing of my PhD in English at a Dutch University and also publish articles and book chapters on my topic in Dutch. The subject of my PhD is how creative, expressive, and reflective writing can help people develop a career identity; it's a new narrative approach to career guidance.

There are fun and serious things to say about translation work, no matter what type it is. In the Netherlands we like to say we are good at "under taking" things and therefore the word for "entrepreneur" in one who "under takes" seems to translate well in the ears of a Dutch speaker when he or she says "we're a country full of undertakers!"

For more on what I write and teach, see: