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Nazima Sohni Uppal


Nazima Sohni Uppal makes her career as a Writer, Model, Producer and sometimes Actress for print, radio, stage, and television.

Nazima Sohni Uppal, Alberta’s hottest South Asian radio celebrity, worked at 101.7 World FM in Edmonton, under the name “DJ Ayesha.” She was responsible for all aspects of programming of “DJ Ayesha’s Hindi Remix Party,” and “DJ Ayesha’s Remix Party,” including finding entertainment news, song selection, recording, and DJing. She was in charge of four shows per week and produced the show for two years. Nazima’s South Asian Youth Shows were filled with South Asian music, urban music, hip-hop, pop, and reggae. The main focus of the show was to introduce Urban Desi Music (music created by South Asian artists) and Bollywood Remixed Music to the current World FM listeners. The show remarkably catered to several language groups. The show was broadcast in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and English.

Currently, Nazima is a member of The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (ACCT); Alberta Motion Pictures Industry Association (AMPIA); Women in Film and Television (WIFT-A); The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ); The Canadian Authors Association (CAA); Alberta Music Industry Association (AMIA) and The Writer’s Guild of Alberta (WGA).

Nazima completed her studies in the Television/Film Producer’s Emergence Program in Alberta. The goal of the program: to prepare its students for careers as independent producers for film, radio, and television.

Nazima Sohni Uppal now works on several independent projects as the screen-writer, and story and concept creator. Nazima has currently completed writing a two-hour feature film, a one-hour fictional film, and a one-hour documentary.

Nazima Sohni Uppal, the writer, is committed to:

  1. Creating multi-cultural and multi-lingual projects
  2. Developing and serving Alberta’s and Canada’s South Asian communities creatively
  3. Creating projects that reflect Canada’s diversity.
  4. Listening to the evolving entertainment needs of immigrant and 1st and 2nd generation Canadian audiences of South Asian descent
  5. Providing a creative voice for the growing South Asian communities in Alberta and the rest of Canada

Nazima Sohni Uppal wants to become known for her spectacular story-telling abilities, her amazing creativity, and her creative support of her own multi-cultural background. Nazima strives to keep South Asian culture alive as a dynamic part of Canada’s storytelling history. In addition, Nazima, through her writing, makes every effort to create scripts that reflect a positive image of South Asians in her stories.

Nazima Sohni Uppal’s main goals are to entertain Canadian communities and to teach a mixed generation of Canadians, incredible stories that help them to relate to their South Asian family, friends, classmates, and peers.

In the early stages of her career, Nazima demonstrates exceptional accomplishment:
In the early stages of Nazima Uppal`s career, she has demonstrated exceptional talent, unique artistic expression, and a commitment to the arts in the Edmonton region. Nazima Uppal has specialized and on-going training in the field of entertainment across many genres and has a sustained commitment to the development of her own artistic skills.

In the last four years, Nazima has made waves in the industry. Since Nazima really only started her career in 2005, she has made exceptional accomplishments in very little time. It is now 2009. It has only been 4 years in the industry and she has gotten very, very far. In fact, no other Pakistani-Canadian in Alberta has gotten this far in their arts career in such a short time.
Overview of the Type of Work that I Currently Do: Sumayyah’s World is my tween-aged book series that I am creating, something like The Nancy Drew Series, or The Babysitter’s Club, where there are a series of books surrounding a few main characters. Hopefully, in the future, my Sumayyah’s World Franchise will consist of books, stories, songs, videos, films, and a television series for tweens and teens

Unique Publishing Credits:

Published on Radio:
DJ Ayesha’s Hindi Remix Party – 400 scripts published on-air (101.7 World FM, Edmonton – A Division of Rogers Communications)
DJ Ayesha’s Remix Party – 100 scripts published on-air (101.7 World FM, Edmonton – A Division of Rogers Communications)
MC at various locations
Interview with Sugar Sammy (Famous Canadian Comedian)

Published on Stage:
Bollywood Dance Recital Script – presented by myself on West Edmonton Mall`s HMV Stage

Published in Print:
Photography – Sears Portraits Studio/CPI Corporation – over 1500 poses published and purchased by customers.

Heritage Festival, Pakistani Pavilion, and 101.7 World FM                  RE: World FM booth set up in pavilion
101.7 World FM – MC                  RE: Numerous East Indian Events and Multi-cultural Events
University of Alberta, The Edmonton Sun                  RE: Fashion Project with a Classmate, Print Model


Writing, Directing, Acting, Choreography, Production Designing, Set Dressing, Property Master, Hairstyling, Makeup, Public Speaking, Stills Photography, Promoting, Organizing Fashion Shows, and Radio Productions.
Multi-Lingual and Interpret: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi. Understand: Some  French.