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Nataliya Bukhanova


Nataliya Bukhanova. A writer, a visual artist, a pharmacologist. Writes short fiction stories and creative non fiction. Has been published in Russian community newspapers in Canada (in Russian), in the anthology of immigrant women's prose (USA), in Alternative Trends magazine. Lives in Edmonton.

New book by Nataliya Bukhanov

The author and the main character of the stories, a young woman Meranza, after getting married moves to another country. In her new life she tries to fit in a different culture, different way of life, and different traditions. Thinking out of the box, Meranza solves her numerous problems with humour and positive attitude to life.
The book contains 41 short stories in Russian language. You can order the book at or contact the author at

Meranza is a writer, a visual artist and PhD in pharmacology. In 2007 moved to Canada from Russia. With nickname Nataliya Bukhanova has published her short stories and articles in the local newspapers and magazines in Russian and English. Some stories by Meranza were included in the anthologies Arena-3 and Writing in the Margins.
The fields of research: neuropharmacology, new technologies in medical education.
Visual arts: abstract, spiritual.
Preferable media: watercolours, acrylics.

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