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Writers Beyond Borders
General Membership Meeting, March 14th (Stanley Milner Library)

Chair: Monika Igali Secretary: Francien Verhoeven
Present: Sunny Kim, Edward Porper, Adonay Guarrero, Argelia Gunzalez, Marco Katz, Rita Espeschit, Jalal Barzanji,
Sabah Tahir, Yemane Fisaharsen, Mario Fletcha, Ahmui Cheong, Eugene Ip, Julio C. Munhoz,
Teja Singh, Therenha Kennedy, Francin Verhoeven, Monika Igali, Patricia Lopez de Vlootheus,
Francia Barnes

1. Sunny Kim presented the opening statement: addressing why the temporary steering committee was set up, that the committee had held several meetings and were ready to present the general membership with a proposal for setting up WBB.

2. Presentatation:

The following projects were presented. Project initiators explained what the projects are about.

3. Afterwards, a good group discussion followed. Praise was also given to the steering committee members for having proposed a workable start for Writers Beyond Borders. Many new suggestions came from the general membership in attendance and many also signed up for the project committees. However, not all project committees were given the go-ahead since some of them did not gather sufficient support. The project committees which are now active are as follows:

4. Marco nominated Francien to fill the position of secretary which she accepted uncontested.

5. Before the closing of the general meeting, members signed on to various project committees. Those committees have now become active.

6. The first PSC meeting will be held on April 25, 2009, at 1:30 pm.